Patent Glazing

Patent Glazing

At ABI Aluminium, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke Patent window and door glazing systems for a wide range of applications. Our comprehensive glazing design service includes a strong focus on Patent Glazing, which constitutes a significant portion of our work. With our extensive experience in installing Patent Glazing systems, we have successfully collaborated with numerous companies and individuals throughout the UK.


Patent Glazing has become the preferred method for overhead glazing in various types of buildings, especially those in the commercial and retail sectors. You can find Patent Glazing extensively in railway stations, shopping centres, stadiums, schools, halls, and churches. Partner with ABI Aluminium for top-quality and tailor-made glazing solutions that meet your specific needs.

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The abundance of Patent Glazing on our website is a result of its easy installation process. Patent Glazing effortlessly slots together, forming a self-draining roof that sits atop existing roof members. This creates an appealing roofing system that maximizes natural light while maintaining its robust construction.

Moreover, it proves particularly beneficial in reducing lighting expenses associated with large covered spaces. At ABI Aluminium, our experienced Draughtsmen have successfully tackled numerous Patent Glazing design projects, allowing us to navigate potential pitfalls and challenges associated with its installation. Additionally, our skilled fitters have an extensive track record of completing contracts at legal, government, financial, and Ministry of Defence buildings.


Our portfolio of work exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our ability to bring our clients’ visions to life.

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