Architectural Glazing

Architectural Glazing

ABI Aluminium, a leading expert in the commercial glazing industry, brings you the highest quality Architectural Glazing services. With our extensive experience, we offer a bespoke approach, providing practical advice and guidance throughout your project, from start to finish.

Architectural Glazing goes beyond traditional windows and doors, offering architects and designers a versatile building material with endless possibilities. From curtain walling to internal partitions, architectural glass can be utilized in various ways. Its most common application, however, remains as a transparent material within the building structure. Trust ABI Aluminium for all your structural and architectural glass needs in the UK. Get a quote now.

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The types of architectural glass available for various construction purposes are vast and include sheet glass, rolled plate glass, polished plate glass, figure rolled glass, float glass, prism glass, and tempered glass. It is common for architectural glass to possess specific safety features, such as being reinforced, toughened, or laminated, when utilized as a building material.

At ABI Aluminium, our team of highly experienced Draughtsmen specializes in Architectural Glazing projects. They adeptly navigate these projects, utilizing a selection of CAD packages, which greatly assist in seamlessly progressing from the initial enquiry phase to detailed drawings and ultimately, the final design approved by our valued clients.


Our portfolio of work exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our ability to bring our clients’ visions to life.

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